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Social Media Engagement

Individuals and businesses who are new to this form of marketing often underestimate the full importance of social media engagement. The reality is while plenty of social media users are still using their accounts as a type of megaphone, they’re not maximizing the value of the time they invest in social media. The reason is if very few other users are actually engaging with them, the percentage of people who remember their business because of what they did with social media is going to be almost nonexistent.

If you want to avoid spinning your wheels and ensure you actually get results from the time you dedicate to social media, here are ten proven strategies for increasing engagement:

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Social Media Analytics

Not all social media analytics reports are equal. In order to get real value out of this type of report, a platform needs to be able to accurately record and report certain types of data. If you want to ensure that the reports you invest in will have information you can use to move your business forward, here are the five most important components for a report to include:

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10 Ways Social Media Monitoring Can Help Your Business

Whether you’ve been utilizing social media for your business or are just getting started, you’ve probably noticed that there is always a lot going on. Because social networks are so active, plenty of businesses feel a little overwhelmed in terms of staying on top of everything. If you’re in a similar situation, social media monitoring can be extremely useful. To understand exactly why, let’s look at ten reasons right now:

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What Types of Online Content Should Businesses CreateAt this point, most businesses have heard that not only do they need an online presence, but their online presence needs to be active. One of the best ways to create an active online presence is by consistently publishing quality content. A big part of why content marketing has become such a popular strategy is because it allows businesses to attract new leads and maintain relationships with existing customers. Best of all, this type of inbound approach to marketing costs less than traditional outbound methods. Continue reading

How To Identify Influencers And Find Leads Using Social Media Monitoring

If you want your best content to get the social media attention it deserves, you need for it to be noticed by influencers. And since people who fit the profile for being a customer of your business use social media, it’s important to have a way to bring them in as leads. While both of these tasks can seem like major challenges, the good news is you can accomplish each one with the help of social media monitoring. Continue reading

Whether your primary goal is to increase brand awareness or generate leads, social media can be a great channel for helping your business to grow. While social media is a very powerful tool, it does come with some challenges. One of the most common challenges that businesses face is trying to stay on top of their activity across multiple social media sites.

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10 Ways To Empower Your Business Online Using Social Media

Although there was a time when many people questioned the validity of social media for business purposes, that time has passed. Since businesses across countless industries are boosting their bottom lines through different social media strategies, let’s take a look at ten ways you can use social platforms to empower your business:

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6 Powerful Ways to Get People to Read Your Content

What Do You Need to Do to Get People to Read Your Content?

In a perfect world, investing in quality content would be enough to get people to read it. But since the Internet is far from being perfect, businesses have to take the initiative to get their content in front of the people they want to read it. Since the Internet presents countless distractions, this task can be quite challenging. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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3-Critical-Steps-that-Lead-to-a-Successful-Social-Media-StrategyAs a company that provides a social media dashboard, we’re in a unique position to interact with businesses from many different industries. Since we want to provide the best social media management tool possible, we spend a lot of time talking with business owners about the challenges they face in regards to social media.

One of the topics that comes up again and again is that business owners struggle with creating a consistent plan for social media posting and other forms of marketing through social media. While the specific reasons that business owners encounter this obstacle may not be exactly the same, it’s a pattern that we see a lot.

Since there are so many businesses that want to use social media but aren’t 100% sure how to do so, we thought it would be very beneficial to put together a guide to help businesses get on the right track with social media:

Know Your Business Goals

While social media has definitely created a new paradigm, that doesn’t mean it’s something that’s completely foreign. At the end of the day, social media simply provides another marketing channel for businesses. Because that’s the bottom line of social networks, it’s important to use the same type of accountability that would for any other marketing efforts.

Specifically, businesses need to know what their business goals are, and then how social media can help them reach those goals. While it will probably take some trial and error to figure out which social channels work best, the important thing is that having a clear plan will allow you to do things like collect social media analytics and then analyze different efforts for their overall effectiveness.

Diversify and Then Focus

When you decide to start utilizing social media, the good news is it’s quite easy to set up profiles. Since this isn’t something that has to take a lot of time, it’s worth establishing a presence on the major networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. However, just because you establish a presence doesn’t mean you need to feel burdened.

Instead of burning out by taking on too much at once, think about which networks make the most sense for your business and then experiment to see if your assumptions are correct. By being open to changing your approaches and focus, you’ll get much better results from all of your efforts.

Keep Social Media Marketing in the Right Light

The biggest reason that businesses get frustrated with social media is they expect creating a Twitter account to change everything overnight. However, since that’s simply not how any form of marketing works, it’s important to keep the right mindset about social media.

By acknowledging that social media can directly impact your business goals in a positive way but also remaining aware that it’s not a silver bullet, you’ll find that social media consistency and ultimately success come naturally with time.

LinkedIn Tips - How To Keep Your LinkedIn Page Active And Engaging

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn’s profiles were originally fairly static in nature. Individuals simply put up their professional information, and could then use the platform to connect and communicate with others. And while LinkedIn still offers that functionality, the platform has become much more dynamic. Because company pages now provide a great way for businesses to interact with customers, leads and even potential employees, let’s take a look at several proven LinkedIn tips for keeping a page active and engaging:

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