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It’s easy to create an email opt-in form with Send Social Media and is a great way to grow your email marketing list.

Our opt-in widget allows users on your website, blog or even Facebook Page to add themselves directly to your address book and can be setup in 4 easy steps:


  1. Go to My Contacts and select the Widget section.
  2. Click Get Started and select the standard fields that you would like to appear on your capture form.
  3. Go to Step 2 and click New Field to create any additional custom fields you would like your customers/contacts to fill in.
  4. After creating any additional fields, proceed to Step 3. Here you can customize the button text and the page to direct users to after signing up. You can also create/select a group of contacts that can be notified whenever a new customer signs up.
  5. Finally, go to Step 4, where you can select the Send Social Media group (mailing list) that all new contacts are added to.


How to Create an Email Opt-in Form with Send Social Media

You can click the Preview button to preview and test the widget.

How to Create an Email Opt-in Form with Send Social Media


When you’re ready, click Get Widget Code. This is the code that you’ll need to copy and paste onto your website or blog to have the capture form appear.


It’s very easy to Import and Send Messages to LinkedIn Contacts with Send Social Media

1. Go to Add/Edit Services
2. Under Social and Social Media Messaging find LinkedIn
3. Click Add
4. Log in with your LinkedIn details
5. Grant Send Social Media permission to link to your LinkedIn Account
6. Select Save Settings
5. You will then be able to send LinkedIn Status updates by going to Message Box and toggling LinkedIn Status
6. Type your post (with LinkedIn Status selected) and click Send

It’s easy to send an email with Send Social Media. By selecting Email, you are able to compose and send email messages.

To compose an email, follow the steps below:

  1. Go into Message Box and select Email
  2. You will then be asked to type in the email address
  3. If you know the recipient’s email address, you can simply type it in the box or click on Address Book to find a list of your contacts. For more information on your address book and how to use it, see Address Book.
  4. Multiple emails must be separated with commas.
  5. You are then able to compose and send email messages.
  6. Once your email is complete, select Send if you are ready to send, Save Draft if you would like to continue working on the email, Save Template if you would like to continue working on your template or Discard if you no longer wish to send your email.


How to Send an Email with Send Social Media


  1. Send Social Media also allows you to receive a notification when your Email is sent and enable SMS replies. See Sending Options for more information.


Send Social Media allows you to build and setup an Email Auto Responder for birthday greetings or event alerts that are triggered as soon as a new customer adds themselves to your address book.

Send Social Media’s autoresponders allow you to configure and send automatic messages via Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and SMS that are triggered by a date or an event.

Steps required to setup an email autoresponder:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you should use Send Social Media’s capture widget on your website to start capturing new email and SMS contacts. You can set this up under the Widget section in My Contacts.
  2. New users will be added to a group you define in My Groups.
  3. Using Send Social Media’s email autoresponder, you can trigger automatic emails to users in this group.
  4. From Add/Edit Services, select Email Autoresponder under the Email category. Click Add.
  5. Fill in the details on the Email Autoresponder settings screen, and be sure to select the group that you set up to store new contacts on the Capture widget in Step 1.

How to Setup an Email Auto Responder with Send Social Media


  1. You can define how soon after or before an event your email should be sent, using the Send settings.
  2. Enter a subject and a message that will be sent to the contact that triggers the event in your group. You can use our merge tags to ensure that appropriate values are replaced at the time the message is sent. You can also use an email template to give your emails a professional look. A template can be seen in the screenshot above.

How to Setup an Email Auto Responder with Send Social Media


  1. Click Save Settings so that your changes take effect.

Send Social Media will now monitor the group you chose for contacts who match the criteria of the event you specified. i.e. users with a matching birthday or users who added themselves to your address book.

You can check which emails Send Social Media has sent out from within the Sent tab in Message Box.


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Send Social Media allows you to grow your Twitter audience with minimal effort. The service works by automatically following people on Twitter who mention terms that you specify in the hope that these Twitter users will follow you back.

How to add Twitter Auto Follower

  1. Go to Add/Edit Services How to Grow your Twitter Follower-base with Send Social Media!
  2. Select Automation
  3. How to Grow your Twitter Follower-base with Send Social Media!
  4. Select Twitter Auto Follower and click Add
  5. On the settings screen, complete the required fields.
  6. You can configure Send Social Media to notify you via email whenever it follows new users.
  7. Click Save Settings to add the service

Send Social Media allows you to import all of your Email and Social Contacts. After importing your contacts you will be able to reach these contacts across multiple platforms from your Message Box.

To import your contacts follow the steps below. In this example you will be shown how to import LinkedIn contacts:

  1. Click on My Contacts and Import


  1. Select LinkedIn
  2. Log in with your LinkedIn email address and password and click Ok, I’ll Allow It.

4. You will then be asked to choose your contacts, select Fetch Contacts.

5. You will then be able to select your contacts by checking the box on the left of their names.

6. You can select which group your imported contacts should be added to. See My Groups for more information.

7. Once imported, you’ll be able to reach these contacts by sending them a message from your Message Box.

Before committing to a social media dashboard, it’s important to ensure that it has all the features your company needs. Taking the time to analyze your needs in advance will ensure that you’re able to continue using the same dashboard for the foreseeable future. This type of consistency will enable you to reap the most benefits from your social media management.

In terms of what you should look for in this type of tool, we’ve put together the five most important benefits for a social media monitoring tool:

Easily Evaluate Progress

Social media isn’t a switch that you flip. While your entire business won’t change overnight, building consistent social media momentum will yield real results for your business. Since consistency and momentum are crucial for social media success, it’s important to have a dashboard that makes it easy to see in real-time how all of your efforts are going.

Simplified Collaboration

You don’t want your social media efforts to exist in a vacuum. Instead, the best social media strategies are those that involve an entire team. That’s why it’s so important for a social media dashboard to make collaboration easy. By choosing a dashboard that your entire team can use, you’ll find that successful social media posting becomes easier than you ever expected.

Great Analytics Tools

Not only do you want the ability to keep an eye on your overall social media progress, but you also want to be able to dig into all the data surrounding your social media efforts. By opting for a dashboard that provides excellent social media analytics, you’ll give your business a significant competitive advantage. Having access to this type of information is the best way to see what’s working best and adjust your future efforts accordingly.

The Ability to Customize

Your social media strategy will likely have unique components that you want to emphasize more. Because social strategies can vary from business to business, you want a dashboard that allows for you to do some customizations. Having that level of control means that the features and data that matter most to you will always be easily accessible.

Powerful Scheduling Tools

While it’s important to participate in social media on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean you want to have your profiles open on your computer 24/7. Creating consistency without getting overwhelmed or distracted is why a dashboard with powerful scheduling tools can be a lifesaver. Being able to schedule posts means you can increase productivity by approaching social media in batches.

For a social media dashboard that offers all of the above features and many more, be sure to take a look at Send Social Media.

What Do You Need to Do to Get People to Read Your Content?

In a perfect world, investing in quality content would be enough to get people to read it. But since the Internet is far from being perfect, businesses have to take the initiative to get their content in front of the people they want to read it. Since the Internet presents countless distractions, this task can be quite challenging. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you’re frustrated because you don’t feel like your content is getting the attention it deserves, we have some proven solutions to get your content in front of more eyeballs:

Create a Consistent Schedule

Whether it’s social media posting or blogging, the best results always come from consistency. There are several reasons why consistency is so important for online marketing success. With social media, it builds interest and keeps an audience of followers engaged. And with blogging, it keeps readers wanting more and helps visibility by showing Google that you’re publishing on a regular basis.

Keep SEO in Mind

One way to help people find your content is to ensure that it ranks well in Google and Bing for relevant search phrases. In order to achieve solid SEO rankings, you need to focus on two strategies. The first strategy is optimizing your content. And the second is increasing your site’s trustworthiness through things like attracting links. By making SEO a priority, you can really improve the performance of your content.

Remember Mobile

Because more people are reading content on mobile devices, it’s important that the content you publish looks great on smaller screens. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by utilizing a responsive design for your website.

Know Who You’re Really Trying to Reach

On the surface, defining your audience sounds like a simple task. However, if you really want content to resonate with people, it’s important to dig in and pinpoint exactly who you’re trying to target. By putting real effort into identifying your true audience, you’ll find better ways to connect with them.

Experiment with Communities and Distribution

The Internet is full of communities and options for distribution. Since some channels may work great for your content and others won’t yield any noticeable results, the best thing to do is experiment with different options to see which works out.

Use the Right Tools

Since social media posting does play a big role in spreading your content, it’s important to have the right tools. A social media dashboard is one essential tool. A quality dashboard will assist with everything from social media monitoring to social media analytics. For a dashboard that offers everything businesses need to assist with their content promotion, Send Social Media is ideal.

In April of 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion. At the time, many people thought Facebook was significantly overpaying for a company that only had 13 full-time employees. But over the last 4.5 years, this acquisition has turned out to be one of the best in recent tech history.

When Instagram was acquired, it had 30 million users. At the end of 2016, that figure has exploded to 500 million active users every month. That makes Instagram bigger than Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Even though those platforms are smaller, countless businesses have experienced firsthand just how powerful they can be for marketing.

Given Instagram’s ongoing growth, it makes sense to utilize it as a marketing platform. Whether you’re just getting started with this type of marketing or are looking for a way to scale your efforts, we want to show you exactly how you can use the Instagram Automation features of the Send Social Media Dashboard to turbocharge your results:

Compose and Schedule Posts


Send Social Media makes it easy to find and schedule posts to share on Instagram. When you log into your Dashboard, click the blue Compose button. From there, select your Instagram account and then enter what you want to post. While you can Send Now, the real power of this tool comes from the ability to Schedule, Save or Send for Approval. Additionally, you can click Compose in Bulk and schedule as many posts as you want by loading a single CSV file.

Monitor Keywords


Although anyone who’s spent time on Instagram knows the value of monitoring specific hashtags, doing so manually can be a significant hassle. With Send Social Media, you can automate this process for any hashtag by clicking Add Services from the Services drop-down. Click the Instagram icon, then the blue Setup button next to Instagram Search. From there, simply enter the hashtag you want to monitor and the Send Social Media Dashboard will take care of the rest for you.

Automatically Like and Follow


According to research done by marketers, following other Instagram users results in a 14% follow back rate, while following and liking increases that rate to 22%. Since this is something that’s quite time-consuming to do manually, you’ll love how easy our Dashboard makes it to automate both activities.

When you click on Instagram in the selection of available Services, click Setup next to Instagram Auto Likes. Then you can automate likes, follows and/or unfollows with these easy steps:
1. Enter a description for your own reference
2. Choose your Instagram account from the dropdown menu
3. Enter the hashtag you want to target, along with how many photos to like each time
4. Choose how many hours to wait between likes
5. Pick if you want to automatically follow other users and if you want to unfollow those who don’t follow back
6. Select if you want email notifications about likes; if you do, enter where to send them
7. Kick things off by setting the Current State to Active
If you’re a current Send Social Media user, all you have to do is login and you can easily set up Instagram Automation. And if you’re not a user yet, we offer a free demo and trial.

Every month, half a billion people get on Instagram. Because Instagram is a huge platform that will only continue to grow in 2017 and beyond, Send Social Media is very excited to announce that our Dashboard now supports Instagram.

By talking to businesses, marketers and agencies about the type of help they need with their Instagram marketing, we were able to build an excellent set of management and automation features. Since this addition to our platform presents an exciting new opportunity for social media marketing, we want to highlight the best Instagram features that are now available:




The Inbox of our Dashboard brings all your Instagram activity into one convenient location. This makes it super easy to engage with people who are interested in your content. From this single view, you can easily see activity on all of your posts and then expand conversations, repost content or reply to comments. Advanced features available with a single click include translating, archiving or assigning to a specific member of your team.

Schedule and Queue New Posts

When we talk to businesses about why they aren’t using Instagram or what issues they’re encountering as they try to scale their marketing on this platform, we often hear that trying to post on a consistent basis is a stumbling block. We help solve that problem by making it easy to schedule and queue new posts. Instead of needing to start from scratch every time you want to make a new post, you or a member of your team can log into your Send Social Media Dashboard and then get weeks or even months worth of posts ready to go!

Search for Relevant Posts

Whether you want to research competitors, are looking for new types of content to post on your own account or are trying to find where you can engage with other users, our powerful search tool makes this type of work a breeze. Simply type in what you’re looking for and our tool will help you find the most relevant results.

Organically Grow Your Following with Powerful Instagram Automation



While we’re proud of every feature we built into this new component of our Dashboard, we are most excited about our Instagram Automation features. These features are specifically designed to turbocharge your growth on Instagram.


As you can see from the screenshot above, our tool allows you to automatically like other photos with a specific hashtag. You can choose how many photos to like each time, along with how long to wait between likes. You also have the ability to automatically follow other users and/or unfollow those who don’t follow back.


If you’re an existing Send Social Media customer and have any questions about our new Instagram features, don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you’re ready to see for yourself why so many businesses, marketers and agencies use our social media management dashboard, be sure to check out our free demo or trial.