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Headlines are very important. Statistics show that changing a single word in an email headline can improve clickthroughs by as much as 46%. Given that huge impact, it’s easy to see why copywriting experts suggest that when you write a blog post, you should spend anywhere from twenty to fifty percent of your time on the headline.
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Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn’s profiles were originally fairly static in nature. Individuals simply put up their professional information, and could then use the platform to connect and communicate with others. And while LinkedIn still offers that functionality, the platform has become much more dynamic. Because company pages now provide a great way for businesses to interact with customers, leads and even potential employees, let’s take a look at several proven LinkedIn tips for keeping a page active and engaging: Continue reading

How to Boost Engagement On Your LinkedIn Company Page

To get the most out of your LinkedIn Company Page, here are three proven strategies for boosting engagement: Continue reading

How to Import all your Email and Social Contacts into Send Social MediaSend Social Media allows you to import all of your Email and Social Contacts. After importing your contacts you will be able to reach these contacts across multiple platforms from your Message Box. Continue reading

How to Import and Send Messages to LinkedIn Contacts with Send Social MediaIt’s very easy to Import and Send Messages to LinkedIn Contacts with Send Social Media

1. Go to Add/Edit Services
2. Under Social and Social Media Messaging find LinkedIn
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How to Manage Your LinkedIn Groups with Send Social MediaLinkedIn groups are one of the most powerful and frequently used features of LinkedIn. Now, you can use Send Social Media’s powerful social media dashboard to create and respond to discussions on your LinkedIn Groups as they happen. Learn how to manage your LinkedIn Groups with Send Social Media Continue reading

Announcing Send Social Media's New Analytics DashboardAnnouncing Send Social Media’s New Analytics Dashboard! We have been working hard the last few months at Send Social Media, developing the most advanced social media analytics dashboard on the market today. We are excited to announce that this has just been released to all our Send Social Media users! Our white label customers will receive this update in the next 2 days. Continue reading

How to Schedule Multiple Social Media Updates in Bulk with Send Social MediaSend Social Media makes it easy to import and schedule multiple social media updates at once. The type of message you choose to import could be anything like your regular Tweets or your daily Facebook status updates.

A CSV file is a simple text format commonly used for database tables. Each record in a table is one line of text with each value separated by a comma with no space. Learn how to schedule Multiple Social Media Updates in bulk with Send Social Media: Continue reading