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Tips to Find the Right Social Network for Your Business

Tips to Find the Right Social Network for Your Business


Whether you’re getting started with social media for the first time or are looking into how you can hone your strategy, there’s value in taking time to think about which network is going to best fit your business. We’re going to look at a few questions to ask about social media and your business, followed by the attributes that make different networks unique:

How to Think About Social Networks for Your Business

As you begin evaluating different opportunities related to social media for small businesses, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. The first is what is the main purpose of a specific platform. Next, does it have any attributes that relate to the needs of your business? The third factor you’ll want to look at is the target audience of a specific social platform service. Finally, you’ll want to think about the time and resources required to see traction on a network.

Understanding the Differences Between Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

When it comes to putting together a solid social media strategy for business, it’s likely that there are a few social networks you will evaluate first. Those networks are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Facebook is obviously the largest of the three platforms. While Facebook has features that can help businesses, getting significant results may require spending money to boost posts and advertise. This platform has users of all ages but is starting to skew a little older. The time required to build up a Facebook presence is reasonable.

Twitter is the second network. It can be used to share content or interact directly with others. Twitter is split pretty evenly between male and female users. Building meaningful traction may take some time. Last is Pinterest. Although its male users are growing, it still caters to a primarily female audience. Pinterest works best for businesses that have the ability to capture and share lots of beautiful images of their products.

The Benefits of Publishing on Multiple Social Networks

While there’s definitely value in thinking about which social network is going to have the biggest impact on your business, it’s also worth noting that there’s no way to know with absolute certainty how users on different networks are going to react. Since you may find that your business or certain pieces of content suddenly pick up momentum on an unexpected network, it’s worth having an active presence on multiple ones.

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