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Send Social Media Dashboard Features

Sophisticated Analytics

Drive strategic decision-making across the business with meaningful insights from social data and analytics.

With Send Social Media you can track the performance of everything from your Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, to business reviews, website site performance, and blogs. You can quickly and easily organize your data by customers or business. Track your own social profiles as well as profiles of others (great for competitor analysis).

Robust Analytics


Access all of your social data in one place. Quickly and easily engage with your audience. The Send Social Media dashboard is full of useful reports covering every aspect of your social profiles. Enable notifications and receive detailed daily and weekly reports. Download and export all available data and reporting at any time.


Compare network performance and understand the impact of your social media on your business. Go beyond looking at insights on a single social profile. See them side-by-side. Find correlations between your social and business activities. Identify reviews. Search and track keywords!


Send Social Media is an all-in-one tool. We have it all – from reports and publishing to social keyword searching and engagement. No need to log into every social network account you own. Social media managers will enjoy the ability to securely manage client credentials and produce customized reports.
Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

Advanced tools for social media posting, scheduling, and real-time communication across networks and devices.

Easily schedule and post on as many social networks as you wish. Send Social Media scheduler brings together advanced social media publishing tools and intuitive workflows so you can efficiently plan, schedule, and post messages across networks from a single platform.

Send Social Media reuses your best content to bring in more views

Our smart scheduler fundamentally changes the way social traffic and post-performance works. It gives your best content a new life and never runs out of things to say.

Post-performance usually follows a predictable pattern: it spikes when new content is released and quickly tapers off.
Send Social Media massively improves post performance beyond original publication by giving you more engagement on your posts.

Social Media Monitoring

Leverage your social data with our unique social media listening tools.

Send Social Media’s comprehensive social listening tools empower marketers to execute brand monitoring and analyze social data for marketing insights. Gather introspective, contextual insights to topics, hashtags, and influencers relative to your mentions to find new and incremental marketing opportunities.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Publishing

Smart Social Inbox

Never miss a message or interaction that matters to your business.

With Send Social Media’s Smart Inbox, you’ll save hours out of the week by having all of your social messages across all of your social media profiles gathered into one, beautifully-organized stream. Once you dive into the stream, you’ll be able to engage, join conversations, respond directly to customers, and more–all in an incredibly time-efficient and effective manner.

Unlimited Presentation-Ready Reports

Reports are designed to make social media analytics data easily digestible and ready to present.

Build reports specific to your business needs using Send Social Media’s data, analytics, and presentation-ready report templates, and then automate the delivery of those reports to your team and customers. You can also white-label your reports with your own company logos–great for agencies managing multiple accounts and sharing reports with upper management.

Customizable PDF and Excel reports

Manage Teams and Customers

Delegate work and give others access to your projects.

Add unlimited team members to your projects and set customized access levels. Convenient sorting by brand, location, or however you wish to separate profiles.





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Measurable ROI

Connect the dots!

Use the provided conversion snippet that you will place on your website to track conversions and determine ROI with a built-in ROI calculator. Connect changes in business with social activity

Solution-focused in-app customer support

Send Social Media is proud to offer game-changing customer support.

Chat with our support staff any time you have a question. Enjoy our lightning-fast response system and hands-on training.

Live Support

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