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  • Manage your Priority Inbox and Streams
  • Reply to important posts, mentions and comments on the go.
  • Read and respond to mentions
  • Read and respond to mentions of your social media monitoring terms or keywords.
  • Update all your social networks at once
  • Publish content to any of the services linked to your Send Social Media account
  • View campaign reports and analytics
  • Access your Send Social Media reports and view statistics such as clicks, comments, fan growth and more.
  • Manage your clients on the go Easily switch between clients and manage their accounts.


Send Social Media does everything Hootsuite does, but significantly better in addition to other features Hootsuite simply doesn’t offer.

1. Schedule posts to over 30+ social networks – not just 5 Schedule and posts tweets, Foursquare shouts and venue tips, LinkedIn status updates, LinkedIn Group posts, personal messages, as well as WordPress (self-hosted),, Blogger, Posterous and Tumblr blogs, Pinterest pins, Instagram, Flickr albums, Email Newsletters and even SMS/text messages. That’s just scratching the surface as you can add over 30+ more social networks.

2. Better Analytics, analyze every post, click, share & comment while also checking your Klout score Track just about everything including clicks, referrers, shares, comments, views and more. Track every piece of content you distribute, making it easy to measure the success of your campaigns. You can even add your Google Analytics code. Get reports on various metrics including fans/followers over time, engagement, klout, sentiment and more.

3. Better Monitoring, track and easily respond to your Yelp and City search reviews Monitor what’s being said about your brand on blogs, news, social networks and in comments. Your sentiment analysis highlights which mentions you should respond to. You can also review your latest Yelp and CitySearch reviews so you can respond right away.

4. Customer Database included letting you engage with them all easily Access all your social, email and mobile contacts in a single, unified address book. Import your contacts from all the services you use including Gmail and LinkedIn. Create profiles and groups for each contact you import, allowing you to reach them on whichever platform you choose.

5. Unlimited Collaboration Tools to manage multiple users and clients Manage accounts for multiple clients and/or contributors while creating logins allowing them to manage things themselves. Create user hierarchies and manage permissions. This is a great solution for agencies needing to manage multiple client accounts and perfect for businesses with small teams. Your users have the option to log in and manage things themselves or you can manage everything for them.

6. A better calendar style layout that actually lets you see your scheduled posts overall Have a true calendar layout to easily view all your scheduled posts for editing. Access the interactive drag-and-drop calendar to easily plan your message schedule.

7. Now you can send 160-character SMS texts to any network in the world Send customers promotional codes and announcements about deals and sales or integrate SMS into your own applications. Sending an SMS text is as simple as typing your message and deciding where to send it. Add a sign-up widget to your website to gather new mobile numbers and potential customers.

8. Manage all your social streams from a single inbox Like, Comment, Share and Delete posts in your stream from services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Easily manage your Twitter stream, lists, search terms and followers. View detailed information about anyone on Twitter, including Klout scores and influencers. Keep track of mentions, search terms, retweets and more.

9. All the Twitter Features you love and more! Manage and track all your Twitter profiles in one place. Read and respond to your Twitter stream in real-time or schedule tweets to go out later. Setup auto-responders, auto-follow and unfollow keyword targeted users and more

When Apple was starting to gain momentum as a company, one of the main criticisms it faced was that there weren’t enough offerings for businesses. While Apple had all sorts of awesome programs for creative individuals, their software solutions for business settings weren’t nearly as robust. However, as Apple has continued to grow and has successfully expanded into new markets, this has been something they’ve directly addressed. Not only has the company itself prioritized multiple business initiatives, but the developer-driven nature of the iOS ecosystem means that numerous iPhone and iPad apps have been developed specifically for businesses to use.

One of the great things about the iOS ecosystem empowering developers outside of Apple to create apps is that these talented individuals and teams are able to create apps for all kinds of purposes. In addition to general business apps, many apps have been created for specific industries. For example, as iPads have continued to become more popular in the medical field, plenty of app developers have used their domain expertise to develop apps that are very useful for medical professionals like nurses and doctors.

Since there’s no question that there are many apps which can help businesses be more productive and even save money, we want to bring five of the best business iOS apps to your attention:


If you’re looking for the best way for your entire team to keep its information organized and easily shareable with each other, Evernote is the app that every member of your business should have on their iOS devices.


While most business owners have heard of this software, many aren’t aware that it’s available on iOS devices. That availability means you can stay on top of your meetings without necessarily being tied to your office all day.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Looking for a way to access your desktop when you’re away from the office? With the Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can quickly access your desktop computer from your iPad or even your iPhone. This can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in need of a file or program that hasn’t been put in the cloud yet.


If your business is tired of paying a small fortune to process credit card payments, you should look into Square. By attaching a simple dongle to an iPhone or iPad, Square provides a way to securely process payments for a much smaller fee than traditional processors.

Microsoft Office

Although there was a time when Apple fans would have never imagined using a Microsoft product, those days are long gone. Because Microsoft is still the leader in word processing and spreadsheets, it’s great that a very compelling Microsoft Office experience is available on iOS.

By taking advantage of all the features offered by quality iPhone and iPad apps, businesses can find new ways to work which increase their overall efficiency.

Whether your primary goal is to increase brand awareness or generate leads, social media can be a great channel for helping your business to grow. While social media is a very powerful tool, it does come with some challenges. One of the most common challenges that businesses face is trying to stay on top of their activity across multiple social media sites.


If you’re currently in this position, you’re probably in search of a way to streamline your social media efforts. Since you’re definitely not alone in facing this challenge, you’ll be happy to know that we created a social media dashboard specifically for businesses just like yours.

Because we created our dashboard around this very common problem, we want to cover the different ways that it can directly help your business:

Evaluate Your True Progress

Without centralized tracking, it’s often hard to pinpoint exactly how well your social media efforts are going. While you may have a general idea, trying to compile exact numbers can be very difficult. One of the great things about a dashboard is it pulls all this data into one place for you. By being able to easily look at all of your data, you’ll be able to evaluate how well your business is doing with social and make very informed decisions.

Get All Team Members on the Same Page

Social media is something that works best when all team members are contributing. However, if different team members aren’t exactly sure what others are doing, it can be hard to make this work. What’s great about having a dashboard is members of your team won’t feel like they’re in the dark. Instead, everyone will have a way to stay in sync and coordinate their efforts with each other.

Focus on Specific Initiatives

While there are definitely things that businesses can do to help give specific pieces of content a big dose of vitality, sustainable social media success isn’t generally something that happens overnight. Instead, it results from consistent efforts. That being said, there are going to be times when you want to focus on a specific initiative via social. And with our advanced social media management dashboard, you’ll have all the data you need from that initiative at your fingertips.

Figure Out What Works

In addition to consistency, momentum plays a big role in building a strong social presence. One of the best ways to increase social media posting momentum is by knowing what resonates with your audience. By looking at social media analytics through our dashboard, you’ll be able to see what’s working best and tailor your future content efforts accordingly.

For a social media dashboard that offers all of the above features and many more, be sure to take a look at Send Social Media. Since there’s so much that your business can gain from a social media dashboard, we highly encourage you to try ours out via a 14-day free trial.