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The 5 Best iOS Apps Businesses Need to Know About

When Apple was starting to gain momentum as a company, one of the main criticisms it faced was that there weren’t enough offerings for businesses. While Apple had all sorts of awesome programs for creative individuals, their software solutions for business settings weren’t nearly as robust. However, as Apple has continued to grow and has successfully expanded into new markets, this has been something they’ve directly addressed. Not only has the company itself prioritized multiple business initiatives, but the developer-driven nature of the iOS ecosystem means that numerous iPhone and iPad apps have been developed specifically for businesses to use.

One of the great things about the iOS ecosystem empowering developers outside of Apple to create apps is that these talented individuals and teams are able to create apps for all kinds of purposes. In addition to general business apps, many apps have been created for specific industries. For example, as iPads have continued to become more popular in the medical field, plenty of app developers have used their domain expertise to develop apps that are very useful for medical professionals like nurses and doctors.

Since there’s no question that there are many apps which can help businesses be more productive and even save money, we want to bring five of the best business iOS apps to your attention:


If you’re looking for the best way for your entire team to keep its information organized and easily shareable with each other, Evernote is the app that every member of your business should have on their iOS devices.


While most business owners have heard of this software, many aren’t aware that it’s available on iOS devices. That availability means you can stay on top of your meetings without necessarily being tied to your office all day.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Looking for a way to access your desktop when you’re away from the office? With the Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can quickly access your desktop computer from your iPad or even your iPhone. This can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in need of a file or program that hasn’t been put in the cloud yet.


If your business is tired of paying a small fortune to process credit card payments, you should look into Square. By attaching a simple dongle to an iPhone or iPad, Square provides a way to securely process payments for a much smaller fee than traditional processors.

Microsoft Office

Although there was a time when Apple fans would have never imagined using a Microsoft product, those days are long gone. Because Microsoft is still the leader in word processing and spreadsheets, it’s great that a very compelling Microsoft Office experience is available on iOS.

By taking advantage of all the features offered by quality iPhone and iPad apps, businesses can find new ways to work which increase their overall efficiency.