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How to Boost Engagement On Your LinkedIn Company Page

How to Boost Engagement On Your LinkedIn Company Page


To get the most out of your LinkedIn Company Page, here are three proven strategies for boosting engagement:

Don’t Be Afraid to Consistently Post Updates

The simplest way to keep your company page active is by posting status updates. However, many businesses are hesitant to post updates on a regular basis because they’re afraid of annoying their followers. While a constant stream of self-promotion is likely to have a negative impact, if you focus on posting updates that deliver real value, you’ll find that your followers will respond in a positive way. And if you’re wondering when you should share updates, research has found that mornings are the best time for maximizing engagement.

Promote Your Page from Your Blog or Website

Keep in mind that your LinkedIn company page doesn’t need to exist in a vacuum. Instead, you can use a badge on your blog or website to promote it. You may also consider adding a link to your email signature. Taking those steps will make it easy for people who connect with you through other channels to stay in touch with you and your business.

Use Groups to Find the Best Types of Content

One of the really great things about LinkedIn groups is they make it so easy to see exactly what types of content your audience likes. Although it probably doesn’t make sense to share the same pieces of content that are already posted in a group, once you know what your audience likes, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for similar types of content and then share those pieces through your page.

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