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Announcing Send Social Media’s Smart Queues with Optimal Publishing Technology

We are excited to announce the release of Smart Queues: A clever way to schedule content for publication to multiple social media channels with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness and engagement.
 “This has been one of our most requested features to date and we’re excited to make this technology available to our customers. After a period of intensive testing and tweaking we’ve produced a powerful addition to our dashboard to truly help users increase the effectiveness of their messages without compromising productivity.” 
While many other tools restrict the number of queues users can create, you have the ability to create as many queues as you wish with an unlimited number of  times and dates for delivery.
Smart Queue’s Optimal Publishing Technology distributes posts based on engagement probability, using Send Social Media’s intelligent ‘Best time to post’ metric. This algorithm takes into account actual days to determine the best time to post on specific weekdays based on engagement probability thereby allowing for improved accuracy.
You can collaborate with your team and share queues with clients and other team members. You can use Send Social Media’s Bulk Importer to import messages into specific queues using a simple CSV file. You are now also able to distribute RSS content via Smart Queues so that content flows from a queue at predefined or optimized times and dates.
Smart Queues are fully integrated into our extensive Reporting and Analytics dashboard enabling you to track and measure the success of a queue and run specific campaign reports. You are able to retrieve analytics on various metrics including the number of clicks, comments, likes, mentions, reach, opens, and more, helpful in determining  ROI and the success of a particular queue. If you’re looking for the simplest way to stay on top of your company’s social media efforts, be sure to take a look at the Send Social Media Dashboard 7-day trial!