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10 Ways to Write a Winning Social Media Management Proposal for Marketing Agencies

10 Ways to Write a Winning Social Media Management Proposal for Marketing Agencies

If the company you work for or run offers any type of social media services, you may be asked by potential clients to write a social media management proposal. Once you’ve had a chance to write a few proposals, you’ll find that the process flows naturally. But when it comes to writing your first one, the task can be a little intimidating. Fortunately, by following the ten steps we’re going to cover below, you’ll be able to write a great proposal with minimal stress.

Start with “Where We Are”

You can start off your Social Media Management Proposal by covering who the company is and what they do, as well as a summary of where they’re at in terms of any existing social media efforts.

Explain What Makes You Unique

It’s important to sell yourself and your company. By making this section as persuasive as possible, you’ll be able to stand out from any other providers that may also be submitting a proposal.

Cover the Company’s Objectives

This section should be used to demonstrate that you understand what the company wants to accomplish by using social media.

Go Over the Target Market

As with the previous section, this one is important for demonstrating that you understand the type of people the company is trying to connect with through social media.

Analyze Their Competitors

Because no one wants to fall behind their competitors, this section can work very well for getting a company fired up about how you’re going to help them put their social media efforts on the right track.

Describe Your Proposed Strategy

It’s very important for your social media management proposal to include an explanation of your strategy. Since social media is all about engagement and building an audience, you’ll want to give a macro overview of how you plan to use social media to accomplish the company’s goals.

Detail Specific Service Recommendations

In this section of your proposal, you’ll want to explain the details of the social media marketing management services you plan to offer. From setting up a Facebook page to the number of updates you plan to post each month through Twitter, be as detailed as possible as you cover these services.

Provide Any Additional Relevant Information

This is where you can provide any additional information that ties into the rest of your proposal. For example, if you previously mentioned keyword monitoring, it may make sense to include a screenshot of you using this type of tool.

Write a Summary

Recap the key points of your proposal, and provide a compelling explanation of why your efforts will be able to help the company accomplish its goals.

Complete a Cost Breakdown

The last component of a quality social media management proposal is to itemize everything that you plan to charge for. This will allow the client to understand exactly where their money is going.

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