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How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Marketing and Monitoring

Twitter Hashtags are primarily used so that it’s easy to get a general pulse of groups of people who are talking about the same subject. By searching for a hashtag, you’ll be able to see a stream of all the tweets that include it. This can be extremely useful for both marketing and monitoring.

In terms of marketing, a hashtag is a great way to promote a special event. Choosing a hashtag for your event and then sharing it with others will allow them to create a buzz about your event before, during and after it occurs.

And for monitoring, a few simple Twitter searches can make it easy for you to see what hashtags are popular within your industry. You can then save those searches so you can keep an eye on any new topics that start gaining momentum. Send Social Media makes it easy to monitor conversations.

The other strategy you’ll definitely want to employ for optimizing your account is to start using Twitter Lists. The reason that lists are such a useful feature is because they allow you to create groups for both your own use and the use of others. Additionally, it’s a great way to get a pulse of what a specific segment of Twitter users are doing.

Creating a list is quite easy to do. Once you click the new list link that’s visible on your profile page when you’re logged in, you can choose whether you want it to be public or private. From there, you can either add the URLs of the Twitter users you want in the list, or you can navigate to their page and directly add them. You may also find that it’s quite useful to follow existing lists that other people have created.

Send Social Media allow you to automatically send a response to anyone who mentions your specific hashtags.  This is an excellent marketing tool for busy social media managers who don’t want to miss the chance to engage with a potential client.  By striking up a conversation automatically, this tool gives you the opportunity to truly engage with potential clients who are talking about your field of expertise. Follow these steps to configure the Twitter auto reply tool on your Send Social Media account.

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