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When people hear the word content, blog posts are often the first thing that comes to mind. While blog posts are essential for building a brand through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, this isn’t the only form that content can take. Content can also be visual assets like pictures or other graphics. With the continued growth of Instagram, along with how well images tend to perform on Facebook and other platforms, it’s worth taking a look at how this kind of content can be used to build and spread your brand visually.

Establish Your Brand’s Color Palette

In terms of the best starting point for business social media design, establishing your brand’s color palette is a great option. What this means is choosing between two and four colors that you want to use as often as possible in your social media content. Over time, your audience will instantly associate these colors with your brand whenever they see them. Although it’s fine to have exceptions from time to time, the more consistently you can use the same two to four colors in your social media efforts, the greater the visual impact you’ll be able to create with your brand.

Experiment with Filters

Because Instagram has become so popular, people are used to seeing pictures with filters. While the wrong use of filters can take away from the impact of an image, the right one can really enhance it. You should experiment with different filters, and if you find one or more that work for your brand, consistently use them across all your social platforms to help create a strong visual aesthetic for your brand.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Templates

Writing great blog posts takes a lot of work. And there are times when you need to write one but feel blocked. Many people develop templates for themselves to help with both of those issues. You can do the same for social media graphics. By having a handful of go-to templates, you’ll always be able to come up with a great visual asset to publish even when you aren’t feeling “inspired.” Using these types of templates will also help with creating visual consistency for your brand.

Tell Your Story

Even though it’s an old saying, a picture is worth 1000 words is absolutely true for social media.

So take advantage of that fact by using pictures to tell the story of your brand and product. By choosing the right pictures and images, you can help people connect with your brand without needing to use a single written word.

If you’re interested in visually building your brand on social media and are looking for some expert help to accomplish this goal, we encourage you to look into the social media design service and social media management services that Web Strategy Plus offers.

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4. Customer Database included letting you engage with them all easily Access all your social, email and mobile contacts in a single, unified address book. Import your contacts from all the services you use including Gmail and LinkedIn. Create profiles and groups for each contact you import, allowing you to reach them on whichever platform you choose.

5. Unlimited Collaboration Tools to manage multiple users and clients Manage accounts for multiple clients and/or contributors while creating logins allowing them to manage things themselves. Create user hierarchies and manage permissions. This is a great solution for agencies needing to manage multiple client accounts and perfect for businesses with small teams. Your users have the option to log in and manage things themselves or you can manage everything for them.

6. A better calendar style layout that actually lets you see your scheduled posts overall Have a true calendar layout to easily view all your scheduled posts for editing. Access the interactive drag-and-drop calendar to easily plan your message schedule.

7. Now you can send 160-character SMS texts to any network in the world Send customers promotional codes and announcements about deals and sales or integrate SMS into your own applications. Sending an SMS text is as simple as typing your message and deciding where to send it. Add a sign-up widget to your website to gather new mobile numbers and potential customers.

8. Manage all your social streams from a single inbox Like, Comment, Share and Delete posts in your stream from services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Easily manage your Twitter stream, lists, search terms and followers. View detailed information about anyone on Twitter, including Klout scores and influencers. Keep track of mentions, search terms, retweets and more.

9. All the Twitter Features you love and more! Manage and track all your Twitter profiles in one place. Read and respond to your Twitter stream in real-time or schedule tweets to go out later. Setup auto-responders, auto-follow and unfollow keyword targeted users and more!