Social Media Posting

Publish & Schedule Messages With Ease. Social media publishing tool , let you easily distribute content on multiple social channels from single dashboard.

Post content on multiple social networks at once

With social media publishing tool, you can easily distribute messages to all of your social networks, blogs and mailing lists with a single click. Choose whether to send now, schedule for later or automatically post from an RSS feed.
Social Media Posting

Schedule messages ahead of time

Schedule your email and social media campaigns ahead of time so that you can reach your customers when they’re most likely to read and respond to your messages.
Schedule Content For Social Media

Distribute content with all social networks from RSS feeds

Send Social Media allows you to add your RSS feeds and share posts with all your social networks. Links you share are automatically shortened and tracked using

Find new customers & grow your following on Twitter

Send Social Media will automatically find you new customers and grow your following by reaching out to targeted prospects around the world or in your area, while you focus on running your business.

Reach targeted Twitter prospects in your area

Configure Send Social Media to automatically reach out to potential customers around the world or in your area. Start the conversation with prospects relevant to your industry.

Distribute posts based on engagement probability

Send Social Media’s intelligent “best time to post” metric releases your posts at optimal times throughout the week.