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Send Social Media Announces Support for Google Plus PagesSend Social Media Announces Support for Google Plus PagesThe wait is finally over! Send Social Media is proud to announce new Google Plus pages functionality!

Overview of the integration with Send Social Media:

♦ Management of multiple Google+ Pages alongside your other social media properties.
♦ Publishing on your Google+ Pages
♦ Post status updates, rich links, and photos to your Google+ page(s)
♦ Monitoring and responding to your Google+ Page connections
♦ Review posts made by the connected Google+ pages and the people and pages they follow
♦ Comment on posts as the Google+ page
♦ Delete your own posts/comments and any comments on your posts made by others
♦ Retrieve analytics and reports

Send Social Media’s been extremely busy in the past month with YouTube, Instagram and now Google+ integrations.

In the meantime here’s a basic run-through of just some of the capabilities with Send Social Media’s Google+ integration:

Go to Add/Edit Services and select Google+ Pages from the extensive list of Social Media integrations


Publish & Schedule Updates To Your Google+ Pages

Google+ is now fully integrated into your compose message box; Simply select the Google+ tab, Type your message, schedule if needed and hit send.

Manage Google+ Activities, Comments & Streams

Manage the influx of incoming Google+ activities alongside your other social media properties. Click on the users names to see a snapshot of their Google+ profile. You can respond directly and click the drop down arrow to assign to a team member or translate back to your native language if needed.

Advanced Google+ Analytics

In the My Reports section of your dashboard, Send Social Media now provides you with 5 distinct modules to help you measure your success with your Google+ pages.
– People who add your page to their circles (growth)
– Posts on your page
– Aggregated comments on your page
– Aggregated +1′s on your page
– Aggregated reshares on your page
– Best time to post to Google+

30 day free trial

A new enhancement we’ve recently added to Send Social Media’s social media monitoring features is the ability to incorporate your Google alerts feed into the results.

Learn how to add a Google Alerts Feed into Send Social Media Monitoring:

  1. In Send Social Media, go to “Add/Edit Services”
  2. If no monitoring has been set up before, choose “Monitoring”, then “Brand Monitoring”, then “Add”
  3. If monitoring has been set up before, toggle to “My Services” on left, and select “Monitoring” tab
  4. Find the keyword monitoring you want to add Google Alerts to, and choose “Edit” on the far-right.
  5. Now, in a separate browser window, login to your Google Alerts
  6. Make sure that where it says “deliver to”, you change that to say “Google Reader”
  7. Now, while pointing at/hovering over the orange RSS icon to the right of the words “Google Reader”, right-click, and select “copy link location” (note: don’t choose “copy image location” by mistake)
  8. Click back to the Send Social Media browser window, and “paste” that link into the Google Alerts feed field.  The link should look like this:  http://www.alerts/feeds/##########, where # represents a bunch of numbers.
  9. Now, click to the beginning of this feed address, and delete the http://, since Send Social Media already has this selected for you in the previous box.
  10. Scroll to the bottom, and click “Save”

How Google Plus Gets Your Business on the Map

As you could probably see from the information we’ve covered so far, Google Plus is very focused on making Places as efficient and optimized as possible. That’s why Places is actually an extension of their Google Plus platform. And since Google Plus profiles aren’t designed to be static, you want your Places page to be just as dynamic. There are several ways to make your page engaging and dynamic.

The first is to let current customers know that they can leave a review on your page. Not only will this add a stream of updates to your page, but when a potential customer searches Google and sees your listing with a link to the reviews below it, that may be exactly what they need to choose your business over your competitors. Also, if you’re concerned about the possibility of negative reviews, it’s worth noting that Google makes it very easy to respond to any reviews you receive.

Another way that your Places page can help your business is by allowing you to talk about and even show what you offer. In addition to your description, you can also upload pictures. The pictures can be of your location, as well as what you sell.

Because local search and the impact of mobile devices on this area are both major topics, if you want to ensure that your business is always at the front of the curve, getting your Places listing and keeping it active will play a significant role in helping you accomplish that goal.If you haven’t already, be sure to set up the Google Places listing for your business and get the profile page completely filled out