Complete White Labeling Social Media Management Software

White Label Social Media Management Software

We offer agencies a white labeled version of Send Social Media. You can completely customize it for your brand! Just add your logo, business name, and some simple CSS and HTML code for your complete custom look and feel. Resell the monthly services to your clients, set your own prices and receive a constant stream of income.


Resell Accounts
Buy accounts from us at a reduced price and resell to your clients.

Reskinned Site
Completely rebrand the site – use your own logo and CSS.

Hosted by us
We host your white-label site for you on our servers.

Running on your domain
Your white-label can run on your own web domain, so it looks like your own site.

Dedicated support from the Send Social Media team.

Make Money
Charge your clients what you like. All revenue belongs to you.


1. Can we can have full control of what our users/clients do with the platform?
Yes. You can manage permissions for each client. You can also hide/show certain tabs and services. You can easily create new client accounts and disable or delete old ones.

2. How long does it take to get the white label ready for use after we give you the final OK?
It takes 7-15 days to setup the white label site once we’ve received the setup fee.

3. Can we use your servers but with our domain name?
Yes, you simply set the A-record for your domain (or preferably, subdomain) to point to our servers and we host the site for you. We don’t provide any public-facing pages besides the login page, so we recommend setting up a subdomain e.g. and you can then manage the main domain.

4. Is there going to be a training program or something like this for the use of the platform?
We provide a 1-hour training session once the site is live. (Additional training sessions can be purchased at $100/hour)

5. Is there a contract we have to sign for the white label? What’s the support for the white label?
The initial term is 12 months. You would handle the first-line support and can forward any support requests to us. We aim to respond within 48 hours for our white label partners.

6. Optional Extras and Add Ons
Branded Mobile Web App – Additional $5 per user
Marketing Pack Includes Quick Start Guide, Powerpoint presentation and Competitor Comparison – $99
Dedicated Server Hosting – $330 per month (add this option for improved performance)
Hosting on https (SSL) – $99 per month


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    • Send Social Media has it all! I can manage my email newsletter, social media posts and create mobile messaging. What a great concept!
    • I love how intuitive Send Social Media is. I’ve used other dashboards and they were really hard to get started with but this was so easy, thanks!
    • Send Social Media has saved me so much time and money! I’ve been able to replace 5 other resources and now all my social networks are working together as one cohesive unit
    • Thank you for this amazing tool! I love how I can monitor my brand across the entire web. I’ve been able to find feedback about my brand and manage it easily.
    • Thank you for taking the time to help me learn how to use this service. It has helped my business save both precious time and money when it comes to marketing!
    • Send Social Media has been such a time saver. Finally I can schedule my posts in advance and spend more time going out and selling my services!
    • Before I was using two different services that I’ve been able to replace with this one! I’ve actually saved money using your service, thank you!
    • This tool has helped me reach and engage with more people than I could of done on my own. Thank you for providing this excellent service!
      Dr. Joseph
    • The webinar training was excellent and helped me hit the ground running. I’ve been able to implement my marketing strategy right away!