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How to Automatically Welcome New Followers on Twitter using Send Social MediaWe have recently added an exciting new feature to the Send Social Media that allows you to automatically send welcome messages to new Twitter followers. These can be done with automatic DM’s (direct messages) or even @ replies (direct Tweets). Learn how to automatically welcome new Followers on Twitter: Continue reading

New Feature: Automatically Retweet Another Twitter Account using Send Social MediaWe are excited to announce the launch of the Twitter Automatic Retweet service as part of the automation features built into Send Social Media’s social media management dashboard. At Send Social Media, our goal is to build solutions that assist with Engagement, Monitoring, Measuring and growing of your business through social media. The latest of our features makes it extremely easy to grow your engagement, influence (Klout score) and Twitter following with the ability to automatically retweet people on Twitter. The steps below explain how to configure the Automatic Twitter Retweet service in Send Social Media. Learn how to automatically Retweet another Twitter account using Send Social Media:

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