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t’s easy to send an email with Send Social Media. By selecting Email, you are able to compose and send email messages.

Send Social Media allows you to import all of your Email and Social Contacts. After importing your contacts you will be able to reach these contacts across multiple platforms from your Message Box

To import your contacts follow the steps below. In this example you will be shown how to import LinkedIn contacts:

  1. Click on My Contacts and Import


  1. Select LinkedIn
  2. Log in with your LinkedIn email address and password and click Ok, I’ll Allow It.

4. You will then be asked to choose your contacts, select Fetch Contacts.

5. You will then be able to select your contacts by checking the box on the left of their names.

6. You can select which group your imported contacts should be added to. See My Groups for more information.

7. Once imported, you’ll be able to reach these contacts by sending them a message from your Message Box.

If you’d prefer written instructions, just keep reading.