5 Tips for Startups to Improve Their Overall Social Media Strategy

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5 Tips for Startups to Improve Their Overall Social Media Strategy

5 Tips for Startups to Improve Their Overall Social Media Strategy

If your startup is currently using social media but you’re not happy with the results you’re getting, you may be feeling a lot of frustration. While that’s completely normal, it’s important to know that things don’t have to remain this way. Instead, you can take steps to improve your social media strategy and the results it delivers. So with that goal in mind, here are five tips that make it possible to create the best social media strategy for startups:

1. Put Together a Detailed Plan

It’s common for startups to dive right into things and figure them out. Although that attitude is important and often plays a role in startup success, there is still value in creating plans. This is something that’s definitely true for social media. If your startup has been using different social platforms, you’ve got a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Now is when you should use that information and take time to put together a detailed plan. A detailed social media marketing plan for startups will give you a very useful map to follow.

2. Double Down on Specific Social Platforms

The best social platforms for a business depend on what it’s trying to accomplish. For example, a B2B service provider is probably going to get traction on different platforms than an urban clothing startup. While there is value in maintaining a presence on all the major social platforms, that doesn’t mean you have to put the same amount of effort into each one. Once you find a platform that’s working for your startup, it definitely makes sense to invest even more effort into it.

3. Create Themes throughout the Year

Plenty of startups feel like they’re throwing a bunch of different things against the wall on social media to see what sticks. A common shortcoming of doing that is it can be hard to resonate with users. One way to solve this issue is to get organized by creating themes and other initiatives throughout the year. This will allow you to share content that’s focused around something specific.

4. Go beyond Your Organization

Another common obstacle for startups is generating enough content to consistently share through social media. That’s why you should go beyond your organization and collaborate with followers who are especially passionate about your startup. Building different sources of content means you’ll never have to worry about having enough to share.

5. Use the Right Tools

Going beyond the manual features of social media platforms and finding the right tools is an essential step for scaling your social media efforts. That’s why so many startups choose to use Send Social Media. As the #1 social media management dashboard, Send Social Media will save your startup time, help you monitor your brand, make it possible to measure success and allow you to use social media to generate leads. Click here for a free demo of our tool.