5 Things Every Social Media Analytics Report Must Have

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5 Things Every Social Media Analytics Report Must Have

5 Things Every Social Media Analytics Report Must Have

Not all social media analytics reports are equal. In order to get real value out of this type of report, a platform needs to be able to accurately record and report certain types of data. If you want to ensure that the reports you invest in will have information you can use to move your business forward, here are the five most important components for a report to include:


When it comes to social media tracking, there’s no such thing as the perfect metric. That being said, clicks are an excellent metric for gaining a quick understanding of the big picture of how your efforts are paying off. There are several reasons why clicks are such an important metric in terms of social media measurement. First, they allow you to see how engaged followers are with the messages you’re sending out. An account with tons of followers but very few clicks is usually a red flag.

Second, it allows you to test things like how well the same link performs with different messages next to it. Finally, it provides a good understanding of what type of content grabs people’s attention, and the types that your audience just isn’t interested in. Since clicks are so important to track, an analytics platform needs to provide the option to use a shortener like bit.ly or goo.gl to track all clicking activity.


While social media is a very important marketing channel, it’s generally best to drive traffic from it back to your own website. That’s why the best type of social media management dashboard is one that integrates directly with Google Analytics.

Multiple Accounts

To truly understand the effectiveness of your social media efforts, you have to see how well each of your accounts on different networks is performing. If a social media analytics package requires you to switch datasets for each account, it’s going to be challenging to compare and measure. You can get much better information by utilizing social media tracking that aggregates everything in one place for you.


Because sharing shows that other social media users are very engaged with what you’re doing, it’s important to have this social media measurement available. Being able to easily review this data will also be very helpful for tasks like formulating an upcoming content strategy.


Last but certainly not least, the custom social media reporting you select should include information about the comments you receive. As with shares, the value in being able to see this data comes from the fact that it will give you lots of insight into what type of content gets people to take extra time out of their day to engage with you.

Using social media for a business generates a lot of data. Although the sheer volume can seem overwhelming, as long as you choose a social media analytics dashboard that’s designed to provide you with actionable information, you’ll have no problem easily building custom reports that will be highly beneficial to your clients or your own business.

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